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About Robert

Mr. Blazak has been practicing law since November, 1983. His first office was in Spokane, Washington, which was opened after he graduated from Gonzaga Law School in May, 1983.

Mr. Blazak then moved to Woodland, Washington, in 1984, and was an associate of Jerry Heller for 2 and ½ years. His practice was general in nature and included family law matters, probates, Wills, real estate and criminal misdemeanors.

Mr. Blazak moved to Burien in 1987, and became an associate with Ken Shellan, whose practice was in Renton. Mr. Blazak’s practice continued to be general in nature, including family law matters, probates, Wills, real estate and personal injuries.

Mr. Blazak opened his own practice in December, 1988, here in Burien at his present location. He continues to practice in the areas of family law, probates, Wills and personal injuries.