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Injury Law

A personal injury accident is a legal action taken by a person who has been injured due to the actions of another person. The most common type is an action about who is responsible for a car accident, however it also can be about a slip and fall, a pedestrian accident, medical claim against a doctor, or similar situation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injuries

I was just involved in an accident. What do I do?
Hopefully you exchanged information with the other drivers involved in the accident by exchanging your names and auto insurance information. Thereafter, you should consult with an attorney to determine who was responsible for the accident and whether there is more than one person responsible. You should discuss with your attorney all the injuries you have received from the accident and provide the attorney all relevant information including your insurance information, the insurance information for the other parties involved in the accident and the names and phone numbers of any witnesses.

Do I need an attorney?
This is a personal decision and if there are only minor injuries Mr. Blazak’s law office does not generally get involved in such matters. However, if injuries persist more than a few weeks and they have a significant effect on your daily routines, Mr. Blazak’s office is ready to represent you with regard to those injuries.

What will it cost?
This depends on the attorney that you hire.

How long does it take?
There is no specific timeline for any claim for injuries to be resolved. The length of time will depend entirely on the significance of the injuries and whether there are any issues about who is responsible for the accident. You should consult with an attorney as quickly as possible after the accident because there are deadlines within which a claim must be settled or a lawsuit filed. Otherwise, the party making the claim may not be able to recover any of their damages even if the other party was completely at fault.